Bungee Jump Parsons Green


The Bungee Pros offers a bungee jump near Parsons Green London at 12 locations nationwide. Bungee jumps accessible from Parsons Green by car. The experts can provide advice on hotel accommodation if required as well.

Offering bungee jumps from the national experts who have over 20 years worth of industry experience.

Due to the specialist equipment, safety procedures and training required for bungee jumping you can be assured that you will have the most thrilling and safest bungee jumping experience in the UK.

The Bungee Pros get you in touch with the direct suppliers of bungee jumping nationwide. Experience the UK's only bridge jump in Middlesbrough and the world's only indoor bungee jump location at Sheffield.

For bungee jumps near Parsons Green simply complete the online form on this website for a quick response by phone or email during business hours from the industry experts.

Bungee Jumps Parsons Green

If you, your friends, loved ones or work colleagues would like to bungee for fun or a good cause near Parsons Green and London we may help you.

The bungee jumping specialists ensure that the highest possible standards in health and safety for bungee jumps accessible from Parsons Green. The top 6 main safety benefits of having your bungee jump with the UK market leader are:

1. Jumps are managed according to the BERSA (British Elastic Rope Sports Association) Standard
2. All participants will be checked independently by at least 4 crew members
3. Fully covered insurance for every participant
4. All equipment is logged and checked daily and tested
5. Senior jump crew have performed written and practical exams
6. Secondary equipment, harnesses and fastenings are always used for added assurance

A wide range of bungee jumping experiences are being offered by the experts including:

• UKs greatest bridge jump at Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge
• The worlds only indoor bungee jumping experience in Sheffield
• 160ft, 300ft and special event 400ft jumps available
• Charity bungee jumps (could be free of charge if money is raised)
• Corporate bungee jumps for events and Television / Cinema work

These are just some of the bungee jump experiences that yourself or a group may take part in that cover the UK.

To arrange your weekend bungee jump near Parsons Green or for further details, simply complete the online form for a speedy response from the experts.

Bungee jump Parsons Green

Bungee Jump Experiences London

When you are looking for nearest bungee jump experience from Parsons Green, The Bungee Pros can offer a solution

Bungee jumps are a exciting and heart pounding experience where you can jump from 160 ft, 300 ft or even 400 ft heights at stunning locations throughout the UK.

All bungee jumps near Parsons Green and London take place at weekends with limited spaces available - pre booking is essential to avoid disappointment!

A wide range of bungee jump experiences are available for general public, charity bungee jumps, corporate events and TV / movie industry work.

Bungee jumps near Parsons Green are weather dependent (exception being indoor bungee jumps Sheffield) and most centres offer bungee jumps for individuals, groups or a unique FAB jump (one forward and one back bungee jump) experience.

Some bungee jumps accessible from Parsons Green take place over water as well. With prices starting from just [pound]60 why not enquire with the bungee jump experts who have helped raise over [pound]4 million for charity and who have appeared in over 170 TV appearances (including The Magicians for BBC One).

For bungee jumps covering Parsons Green in London it's as easy as 1-2-3 jump!

Simply complete the online form on this website with the following information:

• Month you want to bungee jump
• Saturday or Sunday bungee jump
• AM or PM time slot
• Number of jumpers

Expect a quick response from the professionals by phone or email during business hours.


Are bungee jumps near me?

Bungee jumps take place across 12 dedicated jump centres around the UK. Most customers will need to travel from Parsons Green to an appropriate jump site as bungee jumping is in high demand which means pre booking is a must.

The UK professionals in bungee jumping will supply you with the nearest location from Parsons Green for a bungee jump along with advice in relating to to accommodation and parking if needed.

Can the weather stop bungee jumps near Parsons Green?

Windspeed is the main problem affecting bungee jumps covering London. Bungee jumps will not be interrupted by rain unless thunderstorms and lightning are forecast.

Cancelling a bungee jump is usually an inconvenience for participants and the expert event organisers but your safety is paramount and they would really appreciate your understanding in this.

The worlds only indoor bungee jumping experience in Sheffield is not affected by any weather.

How old do you need to be to do a bungee jump?

The minimum age for a bungee jump is 14 years old. Children aged 16 and under will require a parents or guardians permission and a signature.

Over 50s may also jump but they must have a doctors note stating that there is no medical problems that can cause health issues during a jump. This is needed to comply with the insurance policies.

How much does it cost for a bungee jump?

The price of a bungee jump can vary according to area, the type of bungee jump and how many are going to jump (you can tandem jump where two people bungee jump together). Typically it will cost much less than a hundred pound per jump for one person, and a tandem jump will not be much more.

Indoor bungee jumps are usually even cheaper, but the height you jump from will be much lower than outside.

What sort of things can I bungee jump from?

There are a lot of choices for different platforms to bungee jump from, the most popular are outside cranes and bridges, you may also jump indoors from specially created jump rigs.

You will of course be slightly restricted if you only able to travel locally. The cost of a bungee jump will vary for all these jump styles too.

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hiya iam wanting a one person jump for february doyou jave any dates available thanks laura

Laura Scott

recently lost my son and a friend of his wants to do a bungee jump in his name , hopefully to raise money for the charity mind. could you please send me any information about locations, cost etc. we were looking at the end of june.

Sarah Webb

ellesmere or whitchurch, myddle , how much is cost, saturday 11 september for one person maybe 2.


looking for a price for 3 adults. would like to do the jump in december apart of a xmas works party. location doesnt matter aslong as its in west midlands. many regards

Liam Mcdowell

bungee jump for my daughter, x and me, dad, x outside jump, we are in carmarthenshire, so something in south wales would be good, possible dates from now to end of september with locations would be good if limited availabiity thanks, mark goldie

Mark Goldie

id like to book a bungee session for 3 people in maidstone

Nicolas Wiedersheim

want to get some info on a bungee jump for me and my dad on fathers day

Samantha McDonald

hello,i am visiting cornwall in july x and I have always wanted to do a bungeee jump, I would like to do one where there is a nice view and cornwall is the place. please could I have some more information , prices and locations.thank you

Shannon Franklin