Bungee Jumping London


Bungee jumping near London from the market leader. Travel from London to 12 dedicated bungee jumping centres in the UK, run by fully trained staff using the best safety equipment in the industry.

They offer bungee jumps for individuals and groups across a range of thrilling and adrenaline pumped experiences. Jump from 160ft, 300ft or 400ft heights at iconic locations across the country including London bungee jumps at the O2 arena, the UK's only bridge bungee jump at Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge and the world's only indoor bungee jumping venue at Sheffield.

When you are travelling from London for bungee jumping at a dedicated venue the experts can provide advice on parking and hotel accommodation if required. Gift vouchers (10 month validity) also avaliable for bungee jumping experiences near London.

Find out the nearest bungee jumping venue accessible from London by completing the online form for a quick response.

Bungee Jumping London

If you want to experience bungee jumping and you are from London then we can help you find the nearest jump venue from 12 locations nationwide at selected weekends.

Pre booking essential for all bungee jump events in order to avoid disappointment.

Bungee jump duration

A typical bungee jumping experience will take between 2 - 3 hours. This is sufficient time for the organisers to guide through the jumping procedure, check safety equipment and to take into account any unexpected delays.

Health & safety

Before a bungee jump near London is allowed to take place, your equipment harness will be checked 5 times by 5 fully trained individuals.

The entire process is explained to you for added assurance. All equipment is independently tested for extra peace of mind. All bungee jump events run in accordance with British Elastic Rope Sports Association (BERSA) best practices.

Spectator policy for bungee jumps near London

You can bring as many spectators as you would like for bungee jumps at stunning UK locations. All events at the monthly jump venues are free for spectators to attend.

Clothing, footwear and glasses / contact lenses

Glasses and contacts: Hard contact lenses and glasses are not suitable
Footwear: No boots as they interfere with the ankle harnesses. They will be removed prior to jump.
Clothing: Casual and comfortable clothing. Skirts are not recommended!

Age and health restrictions

Minimal Age: 14 (individuals under 18 require parent or guardian permission and signature)
Maximum Age: 49 with no doctor's certificate. No age limit with doctor's certificate
Medical Conditions: Consult with your doctor before enquiring about bungee jumping if you have a medical condition


To make a bungee jump near London extra special the following upgrades are available for most jumps: t-shirts, video, digital photo and gift boxes.

Just complete the online form with your details, group size and preferences for a weekend bungee jump for a quick response from us by email or phone during business hours.

Bungee jumping London

Bungee Jumping London

Find your nearest bungee jumping experience near London with The Bungee Pros.

The teams help customers get in contact with the UK market leader of bungee jumps nationwide.

They have 20 years worth of industry experience at 12 venues throughout the country.

Making over 170 TV appearances for UK and international shows, we have also raised over [pound]4 million in jump for free charity events.

Every bungee jump near London takes place at selected weekends and venues throughout the year. Pre booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

Find the nearest bungee jump centre accessible from London or request further information by completing the online form with the following information:

•Number of jumpers
•AM or PM time slot
•Saturday or Sunday preference
•Month you want to go bungee jumping

We respond to each enquiry in a timely manner by email or phone during business hours.


Is bungee jumping close to me?

Bungee jumping takes place at 12 dedicated centres throughout the UK for 12 months of the year. All bungee jumping locations are accessible by car and have affordable hotel accommodation nearby.

The experts run the UK's only bridge bungee jump in Middlesbrough and the world's only indoor bungee jumping experience in Sheffield.

To find the nearest weekend bungee jumping location from London, simply complete the online form.

I would like to buy bungee jump gift vouchers?

The team can offer bungee jump vouchers at the UK's most popular locations including:

• O2 London Arena
• Indoor bungee jumping at Sheffield
• Bridge bungee jump over water in Middlesbrough
• Individual bungee jumps
• Group bungee jumping
• Forward and Backward (FAB) bungee jumping

To make bungee jumps extra special the vouchers can be gift boxed alongside getting a video, photo and t-shirt for an extra charge.

Enquire today for the most up to date information regarding bungee jumping experiences near London.

What health / age restrictions does bungee jumping have?

No one under 14 may participate in bungee jumping. 14 - 16 years will require a parent or guardians permission and a signed note. If you're over 50 bungee jumping is still possible but you will need a doctor's note.

If you're not in good health, you should not jump. Please consult with a doctor, if you have any health related concerns.

Is Bungee Jumping Safe?

You will be bungee jumping from a high place with a length of bungee chord attached to you, its not going to be as relatively safe as staying at home, locking the door and watching TV but the experienced bungee team are well trained and take your safety extremely seriously.

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